Author-Signed Books; Native American Shawls!


My wife Andrea and I will be in the United States from mid-January to mid-April. If you live in the States, this is your chance to get signed-to-order copies of my books and/or Andrea’s made-to-order traditional Panamanian shawls at a discount, because you avoid the international shipping and duty from the country of Panama!

Books and shawls make wonderful gifts for Chanukkah or Christmas. Your literate friends and family can warm up during a cold night with a shawl made on a hand-loom in the ancient style of the Ngäbe Buglé nation of Panama, and enjoying a good book!

Choose what books you want by using the drop-down menu in the black bar just under the photo at the top of this page to navigate to novels, nonfiction, and so on. Follow the links with each book to order the version you want (hardcover, paperback, etc.). Have the book shipped to this address –> 202 Wilmont Road / Syracuse, N.Y. 13219 DSCN4326

Our visit to the United States is also an opportunity to order one of my wife’s handmade shawls. There will be a limited quantity of these, as each one takes a few days to weave, so NO ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN once the maximum has been reached. If in doubt, send an inquiry through


You may specify what colors and style (see the photos) you would like for your shawl(s). Or, if you want to be very sure, you can always mail large skeins of the colors you want to the above address.

Each handmade shawl costs $80, which includes shipping to a United States address. Remit through the above Paypal account.

Public Transportation

Another thought that eventually I will have to insert into my book [easyazon-link asin=”1477419454″ locale=”us”]A Writer in Panamá[/easyazon-link].

Back in the 1920s there was a powerful lobby in Washington, pushed by automaker Ford and tiremaker Firestone. At the time, there was an excellent public transportation system; I remember my grandfather telling me how he could get anywhere he wanted in cities and from city to city by way of the interurban trolley system. He could even theoretically have travelled coast to coast trolley simply by switching to the next line when he reached the end of the one he was riding. The train was more convenient, of course.

But these two men, Ford and Firestone, persuaded the Congress to put public money into the building of a network of highways across the United States – and to [Click here to read more…]

Village Characters

In my book [easyazon-link asin=”1477419454″ locale=”us”]A Writer in Panamá[/easyazon-link] I wrote about two wonderful personalities, the Village Idiot and the Village Drunk. At some point I’ll revise the book to include the following further reflections, but for now let me put them here…

I haven’t seen the Village Idiot lately. I’ve asked my neighbors in Paso Ancho, and no one knows where he is. But I have a theory. The fact is, he always impressed me as vastly overqualified for the position of Village Idiot. So I think he has gotten promoted to a bigger village. [Click here to continue…]