While You’re Here….

What you’ve just read are two very short excerpts from James David Audlin’s most recent novel, All You Need. This fast-paced adventure takes place in a post-nuclear England in which John Lennon – appearing in a vision, riding on the famous Flaming Pie – sends a monk of the Beatles religion on a perilous mission in enemy territory, a London that worships the Rolling Stones. Also available in e-book editions, this link takes you to the paperback edition.

All You Need

James David Audlin (91 Posts)

Born in the Thousand Islands. Retired; after decades as a pastor, newspaper editor, university professor, caregiver, musician, editor. Most recently lived in southern France; now lives in rural mountainous Panama; married to a Spanish-speaking local lady. Two children in Vermont. Author of 18+ books, with a dozen more on the way.

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